Hello. My name is Sarah Farsh, Your Friendly Dragon Girl.

Sarah Farsh JR_Cuba_041518.jpg

By Day: Global Arts Director for Whole Foods Market

I'm a highly creative conscious leader who experiences the most joy when building and developing a team to it’s fullest potential. My expertise lies within motivating and inspiring artists, and streamlining operations to improve efficiency and maintain a rich foundation upon which projects and people can flourish.


By Night: Professional Belly Dancer 

My passion for sharing sound and movement through the ancient art of Belly Dancing is deeply rooted through my Persian heritage. Before developing my Gypsy Dragon style that integrates free flow and electric beats, I was professionally trained and recruited at The Broadway Dance Center in New York City.


Occasional: Health Food Blogger

Just for fun, I love cooking and sharing super easy recipes that taste yummy, keeps you healthy and makes you feel really good inside and out. Come hungry, and explore plant base stories that I hope will inspire you to eat more fruits and veggies!

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